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1 Milford News1928-05-041Gets Word of the Death of Daughterdeath
2 Milford News1928-05-048Death Casts Pall O Milford Familydeath
3 Milford News1928-05-111Dies Here after Stricken on Tripdeath
4 Milford News1928-05-118Mrs. Garzand is Taken by Deathdeath
5 Milford News1928-05-251Charles Singleton Died in Salt Lakedeath
6 Milford News1928-05-251Geologist Studies James Oil Welldeath
7 Milford News1929-05-171Considers Beaver County for Moviedeath
8 Milford News1929-05-171Hyrum Clements' Funeral Held Heredeath
9 Milford News1929-05-243Missed Death's Touch by Proverbial Eyelashdeath
10 Milford News1929-05-311Mrs. Mary A. McKeon Died in Riversidedeath
11 Milford News1929-05-311Beaver Man Found Dead in his Beddeath
12 Milford News1930-05-021Mary A. Morris Dies at Home in Greenvilledeath
13 Milford News1930-05-021Eph Smith Taken away by Deathdeath
14 Milford News1930-05-021Pneumonia Fatal to Troy Turnerdeath
15 Milford News1930-05-091Johansen Child Died Thursdaydeath
16 Milford News1930-05-095Funeral Service of Mrs. Emma Eyredeath
17 Milford News1930-05-161Whooping Cough and Pneumonia Claims Death of Childdeath
18 Milford News1930-05-161Funeral Services for Little Evan Johansendeath
19 Milford News1931-05-071Funeral Services Held for Keslerdeath
20 Milford News1931-05-141W Burbank Dies at Seattle Homedeath
21 Milford News1931-05-142They Also Served and Dieddeath
22 Milford News1931-05-145Tw Tragedies Orphan Virginia Girl and Boydeath
23 Milford News1931-05-281Ed Peterson Dies in Salt Lake City Funeral at Tooeledeath
24 Milford News1932-05-194Native of Panguitch Dies of Burns in Nevadadeath
25 Milford News1932-05-261Brother of Theodore Kronholm Diesdeath
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