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1 Morgan County News1949-03-251Six Sheep Are Killed by Dogsdeath
2 Morgan County News1935-03-211Death Calls Infantdeath
3 Morgan County News1937-03-043Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
4 Morgan County News1935-03-071Morgan Lady Killed by Auto near Homedeath
5 Morgan County News1935-03-141Death Angel Calls Popular Young Mandeath
6 Morgan County News1940-03-011Death Calls Mrs. Eliza Ann Francis Hopkin, Age 65death
7 Morgan County News1942-03-061Japanese National Found Dead in Echodeath
8 Morgan County News1941-03-213Seven Killed, 9 Injured, in Plane Crashdeath
9 Morgan County News1947-03-071Giles Infant Died Sundaydeath
10 Morgan County News1950-03-241Lester White Passed Away Last Saturdaydeath
11 Morgan County News1943-03-194Alice Murphy, Morgan Pioneer, Dies in Idahodeath
12 Morgan County News1939-03-171Death Calls Early Morgan Co. Settlerdeath
13 Morgan County News1954-03-051Brimley Rites Held Feb. 25 at Tabernacledeath
14 Morgan County News1949-03-111Morgan Kin Dies in Californiadeath
15 Morgan County News1946-03-221William Craynor Rites Held in Ogden, Tuesdaydeath
16 Morgan County News1935-03-141Rosetta Grover Monson Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
17 Morgan County News1939-03-311F. M. Judd, Beloved Pioneer Man Diesdeath
18 Morgan County News1944-03-241Uintah Church Leader Diesdeath
19 Morgan County News1949-03-041Funeral Services Are Held for Rebecca Whittierdeath
20 Morgan County News1951-03-091John Crompton Rites Held Last Saturdaydeath
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