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1 Milford News1928-06-011Legion and Ladiesdeath
2 Milford News1928-06-081Nevada Man Dies in Local Hospitaldeath
3 Milford News1928-06-151Mrs. Bushanan is Taken by Deathdeath
4 Milford News1928-06-292Duel to the Death between Two Ducksdeath
5 Milford News1929-06-071Death Takes away Wm. A. Zabriskiedeath
6 Milford News1929-06-071Mrs. Oscar Baldwin Died Last Sundaydeath
7 Milford News1929-06-071Man Dies from Highway Mishapdeath
8 Milford News1929-06-211Funeral Services for Mrs. Deardendeath
9 Milford News1929-06-281Sidney Colton Funeral is Helddeath
10 Milford News1930-06-065Wife Sues for 430,000 for Death of Stanliffdeath
11 Milford News1930-06-131Beaver Man Dies at Milford Hospitaldeath
12 Milford News1930-06-131Mother of Three Children Diesdeath
13 Milford News1930-06-137Death Penalty must Standdeath
14 Milford News1930-06-208Buckhorn Flat Auto Accident Victim Diesdeath
15 Milford News1931-06-041Annie Slaughter is Mourned by County Funeral on Sundaydeath
16 Milford News1931-06-111Former Milford Man Dies from Operation in Salt Lake Citydeath
17 Milford News1931-06-111Grazing Studiesdeath
18 Milford News1931-06-117Milford Ladies Attend Party in Beaver Wednesdaydeath
19 Milford News1931-06-185Ladies Auxiliary Gives Farewell for Mrs. Mathewsdeath
20 Milford News1932-06-021Early Day Milford Merchant-Stock-Man Dies, Age of 90death
21 Milford News1932-06-021Minersville Lady Dies at Age of 92death
22 Milford News1932-06-021Child Dies of Ruptured Appedixdeath
23 Milford News1932-06-024The "Deat Line"death
24 Milford News1932-06-091Little Fredie Campbell Passesdeath
25 Milford News1932-06-301Pioneer Woman Dies at Home in Beaverdeath
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