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1 Morgan County News1938-07-291Morgan Lad Dies in Ogden Hospitaldeath
2 Morgan County News1935-07-111Death Angel Calls Loved Pioneer Ladydeath
3 Morgan County News1935-07-181Obsequesdeath
4 Morgan County News1950-07-211Former Morgan Woman Died at Idaho Homedeath
5 Morgan County News1950-07-141Rites Saturday for Veteran Killed Overseadeath
6 Morgan County News1943-07-304Dies Happilydeath
7 Morgan County News1951-07-271Relative Dies in Californiadeath
8 Morgan County News1936-07-164Dead Snake's Tail Wigglesdeath
9 Morgan County News1930-07-317Kill Red Mitesdeath
10 Morgan County News1946-07-262Kills 820 Rats in 24 Hoursdeath
11 Morgan County News1939-07-281John Beesley, 77, Dies in Pocatellodeath
12 Morgan County News1949-07-151Funeral is Held for Former Morgan Residentdeath
13 Morgan County News1935-07-111Henefer Pioneer Diesdeath
14 Morgan County News1949-07-151Henry H. Gibby Funeral is Held on Mondaydeath
15 Morgan County News1942-07-101Mourneddeath
16 Morgan County News1946-07-121Morgan Pioneer Woman Dies after Long Illnessdeath
17 Morgan County News1946-07-261Phyllis Ball Funeral Held on Saturdaydeath
18 Morgan County News1951-07-061Worker Killed Friday at Cement Plantdeath
19 Morgan County News1951-07-061L. H. Durrant Died June 29 in Portervilledeath
20 Morgan County News1932-07-208Makes Funeral Plans Five Days before Deathdeath
21 Morgan County News1946-07-268Sentenced to Diedeath
22 Morgan County News1951-07-201Horace W. Bond Died Friday of Heart Ailmentdeath
23 Morgan County News1948-07-161Rites Planned Today for Jos. S. Welchdeath
24 Morgan County News1954-07-301Final Rites for A. J. Morgan Held on Tuesdaydeath
25 Morgan County News1930-07-031Pioneer Morgan Lady Dies Suddenly in Ogdendeath
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