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1 Milford News1928-07-061Birthday Partybirth
2 Milford News1928-07-136Hospital Notesbirth
3 Milford News1929-07-051Hospital Notesbirth
4 Milford News1930-07-041Son and Heir Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffersonbirth
5 Milford News1930-07-243Huge Birthday Cakebirth
6 Milford News1930-07-311Hospital Notesbirth
7 Milford News1930-07-311Societybirth
8 Milford News1931-07-027New Babiesbirth
9 Milford News1931-07-095Lamar Morris is Honored with Party on 8th Birthdaybirth
10 Milford News1931-07-095Birthday Honored with Weenie Roast at Wild Bill Minebirth
11 Milford News1931-07-161Birthday Party Given in Honor of Phylis Lymanbirth
12 Milford News1931-07-235Birthday Party Given in Honor of Spencer Schowbirth
13 Milford News1931-07-235Birthday Picnic for Mrs. S. Schowbirth
14 Milford News1931-07-305First White Child Born in Utah Visits Old Capital Bldgbirth
15 Milford News1932-07-281Entertains in Honor of Daughters Birthdaybirth
16 Milford News1932-07-284The Rebirth of a Nationbirth
17 Milford News1936-07-167Twins Born to Pair in Different Townsbirth
18 Milford News1936-07-301Britons Celebrate King edward's Birthdaybirth
19 Milford News1937-07-153The ''Mother Land'' of Five Statesbirth
20 Milford News1939-07-202Locomotive 'Celebrates' 35th Birthdaybirth
21 Milford News1939-07-202Mother's 'Breath of Life' Saves Unconscious Infantbirth
22 Milford News1939-07-204Happy Birthdaybirth
23 Milford News1939-07-207Strange Birth Storybirth
24 Milford News1939-07-271New Stewardess Officiates at Birth of Baby on Challengerbirth
25 Milford News1941-07-247As Men are Bornbirth
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