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1 Milford News1928-07-205Little Girl is Burned to Deathdeath
2 Milford News1928-07-276Helper Man Held for Physician's Deathdeath
3 Milford News1928-07-276Former Minister Here Dies in Iowadeath
4 Milford News1929-07-051Sudden Death is Shock to Friendsdeath
5 Milford News1929-07-191Lions Meeting is Most Interesting in Several Weeksdeath
6 Milford News1930-07-041Larry Lemon Dies of Ruptured Appendixdeath
7 Milford News1930-07-041Former Beaer Co. Man Dies at Elydeath
8 Milford News1930-07-041North Creek Lady Dies at Hospitaldeath
9 Milford News1930-07-041Free Dance for the Kiddiesdeath
10 Milford News1930-07-044Colton-Oddie Bill to Benefit Westdeath
11 Milford News1930-07-101Two Pioneers Die in Beaverdeath
12 Milford News1930-07-171Passing of Miss M Catherine Smithsondeath
13 Milford News1930-07-171Death of Infant Childdeath
14 Milford News1930-07-315Monument to be Erected where Graham Dieddeath
15 Milford News1931-07-095Dies at Funeraldeath
16 Milford News1931-07-161Mrs. Fournier Dies Suddenly Saturday at Richfield, Utahdeath
17 Milford News1931-07-161Celestia Murdock Dies Here Sundaydeath
18 Milford News1931-07-231Daughter Writes Mother's Obituarydeath
19 Milford News1931-07-231William Manhard Dies of Poison of Dead Rattle Snakedeath
20 Milford News1932-07-071Minersville Man Dies at Age of 84death
21 Milford News1932-07-071Studies Enclosure Plots in Districtdeath
22 Milford News1932-07-073Child's Death Result of Inhaling Featherdeath
23 Milford News1932-07-077Scientists are Seeking Origin of West Indiesdeath
24 Milford News1932-07-211Former Resident Dies in Salt Lakedeath
25 Milford News1932-07-281Called to Moroni by Mother's Deathdeath
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