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1 Milford News1929-02-221Birthday Anniversarybirth
2 Milford News1929-02-221Birthday Partybirth
3 Milford News1930-02-218Hospital Notesbirth
4 Milford News1931-02-193To Celebrate Virgil's Birthbirth
5 Milford News1931-02-261New Babybirth
6 Milford News1931-02-265Friends Surprise Mrs Grimshaw on Birthday Occasionbirth
7 Milford News1932-02-047"He was Born Legendary"birth
8 Milford News1932-02-181American Legion to Give Washington Birthday Dancebirth
9 Milford News1933-02-161Washington's Birthday Program by American Legionbirth
10 Milford News1934-02-224Washingtons Birthdaybirth
11 Milford News1935-02-078Birthday Ball Reportbirth
12 Milford News1936-02-061Birthday Celebratedbirth
13 Milford News1937-02-182King's Birthdaybirth
14 Milford News1938-02-176Favorite Recipe of the Weekbirth
15 Milford News1939-02-022"Happy Birthday" Had but Little Meaning for Man Whom Americans Honor on February 12 Each Yearbirth
16 Milford News1942-02-051Birthday Ball a Successbirth
17 Milford News1943-02-251Sailor Arrives Home for 21st Birthdaybirth
18 Milford News1944-02-178Valentine Babies Arrivebirth
19 Milford News1946-02-015[Illegible] Steenbock [Illegible] at Birthday [Illegible] for Ladiesbirth
20 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Weston Honored at Birthday Partybirth
21 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Walter James Celebrates Birthdaybirth
22 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Moore has Open House on Birthdaybirth
23 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Fotheringham Observes Birthdaybirth
24 Milford News1946-02-158Frank Leffies Marks Birthdaybirth
25 Milford News1947-02-077Holds Quads for First Timebirth
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