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1 Rich County Reaper1929-12-132Mature Dairy Animals Are Needlessly Killeddeath
2 Rich County Reaper1929-12-203Kills Wife, Ends Lifedeath
3 Rich County Reaper1930-12-194Rat Killing a Major Job in San Franciscodeath
4 Rich County Reaper1930-12-261Man Killed on Way to Funeral of Auto Victimdeath
5 Rich County Reaper1935-12-132Death of Dr. J. H. Breasted, Noted Orientalistdeath
6 Rich County Reaper1936-12-11120 Point Deer Killeddeath
7 Rich County Reaper1937-12-032Hint to Housewives: Doggy Dish for Daddeath
8 Rich County Reaper1937-12-171Pinch of Salt for the Deaddeath
9 Rich County Reaper1937-12-175Earthly Comforts for Deaddeath
10 Rich County Reaper1939-12-011The War Fever Diesdeath
11 Rich County Reaper1939-12-086First Death Sentencedeath
12 Rich County Reaper1939-12-151Heart Ailment Fatal to Editordeath
13 Rich County Reaper1940-12-061Funeral Helddeath
14 Rich County Reaper1941-12-058Traffic Deaths Exceed Raidsdeath
15 Rich County Reaper1942-12-111Randolph Man Dies of Accidental Injurydeath
16 Rich County Reaper1944-12-241Mrs. Dorothy K. Sims Died Mondaydeath
17 Rich County Reaper1945-12-281Funeral Services Held for Richard Jacksondeath
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