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1 Milford News1928-12-1411Choice Birthday Giftbirth
2 Milford News1928-12-1411Infant Diesbirth
3 Milford News1928-12-215Honors Husband on Birthdaybirth
4 Milford News1930-12-041Birthday Partybirth
5 Milford News1930-12-045Birthday Surprise Shower Given for Mrs. George Fernleybirth
6 Milford News1930-12-113Friends Surprise Dr. Parrish with Birthday Dinnerbirth
7 Milford News1930-12-255Friends Entertain Honoring Birthday of Mrs. G. Jeffersonbirth
8 Milford News1931-12-10187th Birthday Honored by Snake Valley Pioneerbirth
9 Milford News1932-12-011Triplets Born to Cedar City Couplebirth
10 Milford News1934-12-068Birthday Observedbirth
11 Milford News1934-12-207Journey from Nazareth, Birth of Christ Childbirth
12 Milford News1934-12-209Sextuplet Birthbirth
13 Milford News1937-12-233Gives Birth to Fifth Caesarian Babybirth
14 Milford News1938-12-153Born in U. S., Longer a Citizenbirth
15 Milford News1939-12-282Their Education a Matter of Statewide Concernbirth
16 Milford News1940-12-051Birthday Gift for Etonbirth
17 Milford News1940-12-121Welcome Baby Girlbirth
18 Milford News1940-12-194Christmas Season Celebrated before Christ was Bornbirth
19 Milford News1940-12-197Birth of Presidentsbirth
20 Milford News1942-12-037Santa Claus Born in Famous Poem by Clement Moorsbirth
21 Milford News1943-12-161Celebrate Birthday of Former Residentbirth
22 Milford News1943-12-232Yule Time Sees Birth of Legendsbirth
23 Milford News1943-12-234Set Date for Christ's Birth in Fourth Centurybirth
24 Milford News1943-12-303A Giver Gets a Birthday Cakebirth
25 Milford News1945-12-135New Program to Increase Accuracy of Birth Certificatesbirth
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