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1 Coalville Times1894-08-031Death on the Raildeath
2 Coalville Times1894-08-174Drowneddeath
3 Coalville Times1895-08-028Death of J. W. Cluffdeath
4 Coalville Times1896-08-282Gen. Teberevio's Deathdeath
5 Coalville Times1897-08-202Senator George Deaddeath
6 Coalville Times1897-08-273Judge Love Deaddeath
7 Coalville Times1898-08-052Bismarck is Deaddeath
8 Coalville Times1898-08-056A Bird's Footdeath
9 Coalville Times1900-08-172C. P. Huntington Deaddeath
10 Coalville Times1900-08-172John J. Ingalls Dyingdeath
11 Coalville Times1900-08-311Death of George Milesdeath
12 Coalville Times1900-08-312Lehi Boy Burned to Deathdeath
13 Coalville Times1901-08-062Dowager Empress Frederick Deaddeath
14 Coalville Times1901-08-232Little Boys Stone Companton to Deathdeath
15 Coalville Times1901-08-232Firemen Burned to Deathdeath
16 Coalville Times1901-08-302Third Victim Dies at Havana with Yellow Fever Caused by Mosquito Bitedeath
17 Coalville Times1901-08-302Old Man Left in Shaft of Mine to Diedeath
18 Coalville Times1902-08-081Death of Mrs. Hollandsdeath
19 Coalville Times1902-08-081Fell to His Deathdeath
20 Coalville Times1902-08-082Inquiry Into Mysterious Death of Iowa Legislatordeath
21 Coalville Times1902-08-083Was Praised by Thackeraydeath
22 Coalville Times1902-08-083Mrs. Lucille Lane Deaddeath
23 Coalville Times1902-08-087Dickens Character Deaddeath
24 Coalville Times1902-08-151Death of a Babydeath
25 Coalville Times1902-08-151Killed by Traindeath
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