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1 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-031Married Folks Hold First Dancewedding
2 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-034Announce Marriage of Linrose Girl to Mink Creek Manwedding
3 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-034Couple Take Vows in Smithfieldwedding
4 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-101Fatal Wedding Pleases Audiencewedding
5 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-247Marriage of Whitney Girl Announcedwedding
6 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-247Miss Ruth Haddon Weds Clifton Manwedding
7 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-316Takes Place Tuesdaywedding
8 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-161Esteemed Pair are Wed 63 Years on Saturdaywedding
9 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-161Marriage Licenses Issues this Weekwedding
10 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Parents Announce Double Weddingwedding
11 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Dayron Maid Bride of Arlo Bodilywedding
12 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Engagement Made Known Todaywedding
13 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Preale Griffith Weds Price Manwedding
14 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-164Hodges-Thomas Wedding Thursdaywedding
15 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-231Marriage Licenses of the Past Weekwedding
16 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-235Sheffer-Rice Marriage Saturdaywedding
17 Cache Valley Clarion1941-10-308Marriage Licenses of the Past Weekwedding
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