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1 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-121Marriage Ceremony Performedwedding
2 Sugar House Bulletin1945-12-211To be Married Jan. 4wedding
3 Sugar House Bulletin1946-12-067Winter Bridewedding
4 Sugar House Bulletin1946-12-134G. I. Bride Found Bouquet Awaiting Her Had Thornswedding
5 Sugar House Bulletin1946-12-203Prominent S. H. Couple Wedswedding
6 Sugar House Bulletin1947-12-255Miss Virginia Granning Weds in Home Riteswedding
7 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-0313Prominent Southeast Couple Weds Sundaywedding
8 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-1012Sophie Hafman to Wed Steve Burdette Dec. 17wedding
9 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-1012Bernice Osguthorpe Weds in Coast Riteswedding
10 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-1014Lt. (j.g.) Frank S. Johnston Weds Nursewedding
11 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-2413Beth Ann Sorensen Recites Wedding Vows with Charles S. Mcdonald in Lovely Home Riteswedding
12 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-319Shirley Evans and LaMar W. Coon Plan Jan. 13 Wedding in Garden Park LDS Wardwedding
13 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-319Gladys Dean and Sam Rino Recite Wedding Vows in Home Riteswedding
14 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-023Lovely Bridewedding
15 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-233Nonie Nelson and Maynard M. Sorensen Exchange LDS Wedding Vows at Thursday Morning Riteswedding
16 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-012R. F. Johnson's Wedding Tripwedding
17 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-156D. W. Jacksons Wedding Tripwedding
18 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-157Jennie may Atkinson Bride of H. L. Davidsonwedding
19 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-296Vesta Ball to Wed T. Wardwedding
20 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-043Jo Ann Erickson is Bridewedding
21 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-044Janet Rogers Wedded to Blaine B. Richwedding
22 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-045O. Ainsworth Claims Bridewedding
23 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-049Gertrude Richardson Bridewedding
24 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-117Mary Nebeker to Marry R. K. Winterswedding
25 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-118Joanne Everett's a Bridewedding
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