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1 Southeast Independent1956-11-084Ruth Walsh Becomes Mrs. Charles Meyerwedding
2 Southeast Independent1956-11-087Nov. Rites Set by Geraldine Rodgers and Keith Larsenwedding
3 Southeast Independent1956-11-087Miss Whitcomb and R. J. Barnes Unitedwedding
4 Southeast Independent1956-11-158Miss Lena Pedrini -- Bartley J. Vietti Plan December Marriagewedding
5 Southeast Independent1957-01-104Engagement Toldwedding
6 Southeast Independent1957-01-106Irene Barney to Wedwedding
7 Southeast Independent1957-01-106Irene Richards Weds Berkeley, Calif, Manwedding
8 Southeast Independent1957-01-175Engagements Toldwedding
9 Southeast Independent1957-01-243Marlene Anderson Recites Wedding Vows with Merrill Maxfieldwedding
10 Southeast Independent1957-01-243Engagements Told . . Kaleel --Tabishwedding
11 Southeast Independent1957-01-244Newly-Weds Honored at Reception Centrewedding
12 Southeast Independent1957-02-145Miss Patricia Snarr-- John Higham Recite Nuptial Vowswedding
13 Southeast Independent1957-02-213Woman's worldwedding
14 Southeast Independent1957-03-143Miss Sugar House Becomes Mrs. Carterwedding
15 Southeast Independent1957-03-143Woman's Worldwedding
16 Southeast Independent1957-03-283Myrl Cowles Weds H. Bret Baileywedding
17 Southeast Independent1957-04-252Coombs Reach 50th Wedding Anniversarywedding
18 Southeast Independent1957-05-023Miss Frances Hock Becomes Bride of Gary Cooleywedding
19 Southeast Independent1957-05-096Mrs. Topham -- Wallace Wright Ricite Vows in Home Riteswedding
20 Southeast Independent1957-05-233Just-Weds Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hanson Honeymoonwedding
21 Southeast Independent1957-06-134Taylor- Barneywedding
22 Southeast Independent1957-06-134June Brids Driggs - Gresseth Riteswedding
23 Southeast Independent1957-06-204June Brides Recites Vowswedding
24 Southeast Independent1957-07-044Honeymoon in Sun Valley Resortwedding
25 Southeast Independent1957-07-045Mr. and Mrs. David Engh Honeymoon in Las Vegaswedding
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