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1 San Juan Record1930-11-201Well Known Dove Creek Editor Diesdeath
2 San Juan Record1930-11-271Mother of Mrs. Inez Adams Dies at Ephriamdeath
3 San Juan Record1932-11-178Seek Spot Where Peter Was Burieddeath
4 San Juan Record1934-11-298Nine Die in Two Firesdeath
5 San Juan Record1935-11-147Honor Dead by Burning Moneydeath
6 San Juan Record1936-11-121Mrs. Elva Ennis Passes Away in Californiadeath
7 San Juan Record1936-11-198Funeral Services for Infant Baileydeath
8 San Juan Record1936-11-261Services Conducted for Bluff Young Mandeath
9 San Juan Record1939-11-021Funeral Services for H. Corey Perkins Held at Blandingdeath
10 San Juan Record1939-11-231Sarah Jane Robson Dies at Hospital Wednesday Eveningdeath
11 San Juan Record1939-11-301Funeral Services for Robson Girl Were Held Fridaydeath
12 San Juan Record1941-11-271James R. Hewitt of East Canyon Diesdeath
13 San Juan Record1941-11-271Well Known San Juan County Resident is Laid to Restdeath
14 San Juan Record1944-11-098Funeral Service, Bluff Childdeath
15 San Juan Record1944-11-161Funeral Services for Crash Victimdeath
16 San Juan Record1947-11-061Last Rites Held for Mrs. Annie B. Perkinsdeath
17 San Juan Record1947-11-137Puppet Sympathizers at Sumatra Funeralsdeath
18 San Juan Record1948-11-181Sarah Jane Brown Dies at Age of 76death
19 San Juan Record1948-11-251Funeral Services for La Sal Residentdeath
20 San Juan Record1949-11-241Young Monticello G I Dies of Cancerdeath
21 San Juan Record1949-11-244Death for Private Enterprisedeath
22 San Juan Record1950-11-0210Tom Foy Passesdeath
23 San Juan Record1951-11-011Eight Year Old Barton Palmer Dies from Poliodeath
24 San Juan Record1951-11-081Lt. William Walker Dies of Accidentdeath
25 San Juan Record1951-11-081William H. Stocks, Sr. Burns to Death in Home at Moabdeath
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