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1 Parowan Times1916-05-178Newspaper Man Deaddeath
2 Parowan Times1916-05-312Boy Cashed Girl is Deathdeath
3 Parowan Times1917-05-236Wilson's Uncle Diesdeath
4 Parowan Times1918-05-151Jos. Bentley Deaddeath
5 Parowan Times1918-05-223Death Rate Decreasesdeath
6 Parowan Times1918-05-292Maytr of Denver Deaddeath
7 Parowan Times1918-05-296Sister of Patrive Dies in Workhousedeath
8 Parowan Times1920-05-121Mrs. Lemmon Passes Awaydeath
9 Parowan Times1920-05-191Baby Diesdeath
10 Parowan Times1920-05-262Burned to Death Saving Wifedeath
11 Parowan Times1920-05-262Child Dies from Burnsdeath
12 Parowan Times1921-05-045Four Children Burned to Deathdeath
13 Parowan Times1921-05-047Prayer in Gaelic at the Funeral of Sinn Feinersdeath
14 Parowan Times1921-05-181County Looses Two of Best Citizensdeath
15 Parowan Times1922-05-031Parowan Loses Another Aged Citizendeath
16 Parowan Times1922-05-311Jonathan Prothero Deaddeath
17 Parowan Times1924-05-147Declines to be Tommany Chiefdeath
18 Parowan Times1925-05-061Infant Child Diesdeath
19 Parowan Times1925-05-141"Aunt Dena" Mitchell is Called by Deathdeath
20 Parowan Times1925-05-206American Dead in Francedeath
21 Parowan Times1926-05-051Man Born Here Passes at Beaverdeath
22 Parowan Times1926-05-121Mother of Five is Called by Deathdeath
23 Parowan Times1926-05-121Decker Lad Dies in Salt Lake Hospitaldeath
24 Parowan Times1926-05-196Senate Passes Rail Measuredeath
25 Parowan Times1927-05-111Mr. and Mrs. Sproul Lose Infant Childdeath
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