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1 Morgan County News1935-05-021James Henry Tucker Funeral, Saturday, May 4death
2 Morgan County News1949-05-061No Traffic Deaths Recorded Locallydeath
3 Morgan County News1948-05-141Kin Diesdeath
4 Morgan County News1935-05-021Death Calls Former Pioneer Resident of Morgandeath
5 Morgan County News1935-05-303Dead Leaves Decompose, Make Good Top-Dressingdeath
6 Morgan County News1945-05-251Mrs. Bernetta E. Clark Funeral Services Helddeath
7 Morgan County News1939-05-261Airplane Crash near Coalville Kills Twodeath
8 Morgan County News1935-05-231Death Calls Former Morgan County Ladydeath
9 Morgan County News1931-05-281One of Morgan's Oldest Residents Dies in S. L.death
10 Morgan County News1941-05-021Veteran Rail Man Dies at Park City Last Fridaydeath
11 Morgan County News1935-05-234William Darcey Killed in Echo Dam Accidentdeath
12 Morgan County News1951-05-251Mrs. Florence, 79 Passed Away Sunday, May 13death
13 Morgan County News1940-05-031Death Calls Popular M. H. S. Student following Brief Illnessdeath
14 Morgan County News1932-05-111Former Morgan Educator Dies Interment in Croyden Todaydeath
15 Morgan County News1939-05-121Work Rarely Killsdeath
16 Morgan County News1931-05-141Funeral Services Held for Young Morgan Matrondeath
17 Morgan County News1931-05-078Funeral Held for Young Mother at Marion, Utahdeath
18 Morgan County News1941-05-301George L. Petersondeath
19 Morgan County News1935-05-301Gilbert Hardy Accidentally Killed at the Cement Plantdeath
20 Morgan County News1950-05-191Morgan Boys Make "Good Snakes" Out of 48 Rattlers; Killed 'Emdeath
21 Morgan County News1931-05-078Impressive Funeral Services Held in 13th Warddeath
22 Morgan County News1932-05-111Mrs. George R. Harris of Henefer Passes to Rewarddeath
23 Morgan County News1948-05-211Former Resident Dies May 17death
24 Morgan County News1951-05-041Brown Funeral Held Tuesdaydeath
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