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1 Fillmore Progress1915-03-122Funeral of Algerian Soldierdeath
2 Fillmore Progress1916-03-101Popular Young Man of Meadow Drops Deaddeath
3 Fillmore Progress1916-03-107Three Killed in Wreckdeath
4 Fillmore Progress1916-03-241Old Resident of Fillmore Passes Ondeath
5 Fillmore Progress1918-03-011Death of Almon D. Robisondeath
6 Fillmore Progress1918-03-291Obituarydeath
7 Fillmore Progress1918-03-292Old School Actress Deaddeath
8 Fillmore Progress1919-03-072Home Rule Leader Diesdeath
9 Fillmore Progress1919-03-142Noted Sportsman Deaddeath
10 Fillmore Progress1919-03-144Former Secretary of Navy Deaddeath
11 Fillmore Progress1922-03-031Mr. Remington Dies from Injuries Received in Fall down Cement Stairway at Kelly Buildingdeath
12 Fillmore Progress1922-03-037Billiard Cue Causes Deathdeath
13 Fillmore Progress1922-03-101Funeral for Mr. Rimington, Accident Victim Helddeath
14 Fillmore Progress1922-03-171John Cooper Dies at Age of 88death
15 Fillmore Progress1922-03-171Mrs. Jessie Gasquin Dies after Long Illnessdeath
16 Fillmore Progress1922-03-241Mrs. Sarah Pratt Dies after Long Illness Funeral Held Last Tuesdaydeath
17 Fillmore Progress1922-03-241Funeral Services for John Cooper Helddeath
18 Fillmore Progress1923-03-091Mrs. C. Henry Anderson Dies following Operationdeath
19 Fillmore Progress1923-03-094Democrat Chief Called by Deathdeath
20 Fillmore Progress1923-03-094Flogged, Gets Death Warningdeath
21 Fillmore Progress1923-03-094Farm Hand Scared to Deathdeath
22 Fillmore Progress1923-03-094Leaders Killed in Union Fightdeath
23 Fillmore Progress1923-03-164Death Ponalty on Booze Salesdeath
24 Fillmore Progress1923-03-234Former Montenegro Queen Diesdeath
25 Fillmore Progress1923-03-301Speakman Funeral Helddeath
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