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1 San Juan Record1930-06-191Father of Mrs. Blake Dies at Age of 84death
2 San Juan Record1930-06-261Ex-San Juanite Dies in California Homedeath
3 San Juan Record1931-06-118Diet of Rubber Kills Monkeydeath
4 San Juan Record1931-06-182Kills Baby to "Save" Her From "World of Sin"death
5 San Juan Record1932-06-231Lockerby Youth Found Dead Sundeath
6 San Juan Record1933-06-011Wife of Engineer Diesdeath
7 San Juan Record1933-06-293Died Doing Good Deeddeath
8 San Juan Record1937-06-031Respected Pioneer Citizen Answers Final Summonsdeath
9 San Juan Record1937-06-101Funeral Services for Darrel Glen Blackdeath
10 San Juan Record1939-06-089Figures on Exports and Imports under Trade Agreementsdeath
11 San Juan Record1939-06-1513Last Sad Rites for Victim of Provo Traffic Accidentdeath
12 San Juan Record1940-06-1315Death No Evildeath
13 San Juan Record1940-06-201Funeral Services for Miss Carlie Adams Held Last Thursdaydeath
14 San Juan Record1941-06-191Untimely Passing of Blanding Residentdeath
15 San Juan Record1941-06-191Mrs. Waldo Young Funeral Servicesdeath
16 San Juan Record1941-06-1916Mrs. Mary J. Wilson Called to Capitol to Daughter's Funeraldeath
17 San Juan Record1942-06-041Sudden Passing of Mrs. Arch Bronson Saddens Communitydeath
18 San Juan Record1942-06-041Mrs. Riddell Barton Passes on Sundaydeath
19 San Juan Record1942-06-111Sudden Passing of Charles A. Burr on Thursdaydeath
20 San Juan Record1942-06-111Funeral Services for Mrs. Bronsondeath
21 San Juan Record1942-06-181Kumen Jones Passes after Brief Illnessdeath
22 San Juan Record1942-06-251LaReve Hansen Passes Suddenlydeath
23 San Juan Record1945-06-071Mrs. Agnes Pehrson of Bluff Passes Ondeath
24 San Juan Record1946-06-061Funeral Services for Mrs. Glen Blackdeath
25 San Juan Record1946-06-131Mary E. Holdaway Passes on at Provodeath
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