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1 Grand Valley Times1898-01-218Death of John Vanderwalkerdeath
2 Grand Valley Times1898-01-282Died of Excessive Joydeath
3 Grand Valley Times1900-01-057A Great Inventordeath
4 Grand Valley Times1900-01-195A Famous Hindu Deaddeath
5 Grand Valley Times1900-01-261A Pioneer Passes to the Great Beyonddeath
6 Grand Valley Times1904-01-014Death of W. S. Pacedeath
7 Grand Valley Times1904-01-151The Funeral of Arza A. Empeydeath
8 Grand Valley Times1904-01-151The Death and Funeral of Mrs. Morcusendeath
9 Grand Valley Times1904-01-221Death and Funeral of Thoman Perry Troutdeath
10 Grand Valley Times1905-01-061Andrew Somerville Passes Awaydeath
11 Grand Valley Times1906-01-121Death of Grandma Wilsondeath
12 Grand Valley Times1906-01-191Chas. B. Adams, Deaddeath
13 Grand Valley Times1907-01-111Little Child Diesdeath
14 Grand Valley Times1907-01-111Respected Citizen Diesdeath
15 Grand Valley Times1908-01-037Funeral of J. Dinsmoredeath
16 Grand Valley Times1908-01-101Accidentally Killeddeath
17 Grand Valley Times1908-01-246Stedman, Banker-Poet, Deaddeath
18 Grand Valley Times1908-01-311Mrs. Orth Passes Awaydeath
19 Grand Valley Times1908-01-316Butte Pioneer Drops Deaddeath
20 Grand Valley Times1910-01-213Nurse Dies at Age of One Hundreddeath
21 Grand Valley Times1912-01-127Head of Crane Company Deaddeath
22 Grand Valley Times1912-01-267Aviator Falls to His Deathdeath
23 Grand Valley Times1913-01-241Popular Girl Called Beyonddeath
24 Grand Valley Times1914-01-027Primate of Norway Diesdeath
25 Grand Valley Times1914-01-096Eminent Jurist Calleddeath
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