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1 San Juan Record1919-02-261Died En Route to Fruita Hospitaldeath
2 San Juan Record1921-02-166Banker Kills Himselfdeath
3 San Juan Record1930-02-201Lives of Peter Bailey and Roland Adams Snuffed out in the Twinkling of an Eyedeath
4 San Juan Record1930-02-271Pioneer Dry Farmer Dies of Cancer Heredeath
5 San Juan Record1931-02-051Baby Daughter of Clark Butt Diesdeath
6 San Juan Record1931-02-122Ogden Road is to be Wideneddeath
7 San Juan Record1931-02-261Mrs. Ella Peterson Dies at Flagstaffdeath
8 San Juan Record1931-02-261Blanding Departmentdeath
9 San Juan Record1931-02-261Local Newsdeath
10 San Juan Record1935-02-141Piute Leader Dead "Old Polk" Seeks Happy Hunting Grounddeath
11 San Juan Record1935-02-141Injury Results in Death of Moab Pioneerdeath
12 San Juan Record1935-02-286Where Hauptmann Awaits Death March to Chairdeath
13 San Juan Record1938-02-171Henry D. Crouse Takes Own Lifedeath
14 San Juan Record1940-02-084Obituarydeath
15 San Juan Record1940-02-151Funeral Held Here for Pioneer Womandeath
16 San Juan Record1941-02-201Resident of Grand County Passesdeath
17 San Juan Record1942-02-051Mrs. Bessie Dalton Passes on after Long Illnessdeath
18 San Juan Record1942-02-121Bluff Resident Passes Ondeath
19 San Juan Record1942-02-261Boulder Resident Passes on Feb. 20death
20 San Juan Record1943-02-111Blanding Youth Killed in Actiondeath
21 San Juan Record1943-02-251Donald Richey Dies Suddenlydeath
22 San Juan Record1944-02-101Funeral Services for Blanding Babydeath
23 San Juan Record1944-02-101Long Time Resident of Monticello Diesdeath
24 San Juan Record1945-02-011Mrs. Margaret Adams of Blanding Passes Ondeath
25 San Juan Record1945-02-081Funeral Services for Mrs. Margaret Adamsdeath
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