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1 Sugar House Bulletin1941-08-014Burieddeath
2 Sugar House Bulletin1941-08-226Death and Sleepdeath
3 Sugar House Bulletin1943-08-068Bedtime Storydeath
4 Sugar House Bulletin1944-08-112When King Died in India, Elephant Chose New Rulerdeath
5 Sugar House Bulletin1944-08-113Queens Die Proudlydeath
6 Sugar House Bulletin1944-08-183Queens Die Proudlydeath
7 Sugar House Bulletin1944-08-293Queens Die Proudlydeath
8 Sugar House Bulletin1945-08-031Death Takes S. H. Matrondeath
9 Sugar House Bulletin1946-08-021Prominent Matron Called by Deathdeath
10 Sugar House Bulletin1946-08-163Boy Weighing 600 Pounds Dies at 19death
11 Sugar House Bulletin1946-08-232New Bong Stories Related on Anniversary of Deathdeath
12 Sugar House Bulletin1946-08-232Many Texans will 'Walk Themselves to Death'death
13 Sugar House Bulletin1946-08-301Veteran Southeast Police Officer Diesdeath
14 Sugar House Bulletin1948-08-201S. H. to have New Parking Lot; Lighting Being Prepareddeath
15 Sugar House Bulletin1948-08-271Cyrus Neff, Pioneer East Mill Creek Resident Dies at Age 93death
16 Sugar House Bulletin1948-08-271War Hero to be Buried Heredeath
17 Sugar House Bulletin1949-08-056A Pair of Dandiesdeath
18 Sugar House Bulletin1949-08-122Don't Let the Greenery Diedeath
19 Sugar House Bulletin1949-08-196State Fair Act to Star Death - Defying Cyclistdeath
20 Sugar House Bulletin1950-08-184Chiropractor Returns from Denver Studiesdeath
21 Sugar House Bulletin1950-08-187Local Businessman to Attend Cousin's Funeraldeath
22 Sugar House Bulletin1951-08-091Death Takes Active Lion Memberdeath
23 Sugar House Bulletin1951-08-175Ladies Get Advise on use of Fabricsdeath
24 Sugar House Bulletin1952-08-184Fire Laddies Get Pump Practice Workdeath
25 Sugar House Bulletin1953-08-213Edie Smedley Natal Fetedeath
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