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1 Parowan Times1916-08-021Aged Citizen Deaddeath
2 Parowan Times1916-08-304Famous Peter Deaddeath
3 Parowan Times1917-08-086American Aviator Killeddeath
4 Parowan Times1917-08-221William Williamson Deaddeath
5 Parowan Times1917-08-226Coal Shortage in Northwestdeath
6 Parowan Times1918-08-213Farmer Congressman Diesdeath
7 Parowan Times1918-08-281Deaths at Cedardeath
8 Parowan Times1919-08-131Church Worker Deaddeath
9 Parowan Times1920-08-181William Henry Holyoakdeath
10 Parowan Times1921-08-031Sad Deathdeath
11 Parowan Times1922-08-091Celebrate Golden Weddingdeath
12 Parowan Times1922-08-095Victor Huge's Historic Funeraldeath
13 Parowan Times1922-08-231Lawrence Mortenson Deaddeath
14 Parowan Times1923-08-011President Harding Deaddeath
15 Parowan Times1923-08-015Dies at Age of 114death
16 Parowan Times1923-08-081Dead Chief to be Buried Fridaydeath
17 Parowan Times1923-08-293Memorial to All War Deaddeath
18 Parowan Times1923-08-295Japanese Skipper is Found Dead at Wheeldeath
19 Parowan Times1924-08-067Clock of Death Seems to Deserve Its Namedeath
20 Parowan Times1924-08-131Former Resident Dies in Arizonadeath
21 Parowan Times1925-08-051Death Comes to Esteemed Motherdeath
22 Parowan Times1925-08-191Caesar Collister Deaddeath
23 Parowan Times1925-08-191Death Cumes Suddenly to Mrs. Trimmerdeath
24 Parowan Times1925-08-261Funeral Service Held for Mrs. Trimmerdeath
25 Parowan Times1926-08-041Wm. P. Murdock Buried at Heberdeath
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