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1 San Juan Record1920-04-071"Big Foot" Outlaw Wolf Caught by Musselmandeath
2 San Juan Record1920-04-072Family Killed by Avalanchedeath
3 San Juan Record1920-04-076Samuel Gompers' Brother Diesdeath
4 San Juan Record1920-04-076Woman Killed in Dublin Riotdeath
5 San Juan Record1920-04-078Little Hardy Baby Dies after Birthdeath
6 San Juan Record1931-04-022Even Deathdeath
7 San Juan Record1933-04-271E. B. Hyde Dies in Salt Lakedeath
8 San Juan Record1935-04-041Funeral of Nellie Lewis is Held in Moabdeath
9 San Juan Record1935-04-2513,000 Are Dead in Japan Earthquakedeath
10 San Juan Record1935-04-251Hugo Erickson Passes Awaydeath
11 San Juan Record1935-04-251Local Man Dies in Colorado Citydeath
12 San Juan Record1939-04-061Early Pioneer of This Section Answers Last Calldeath
13 San Juan Record1940-04-111David P. Miller Answers Last Calldeath
14 San Juan Record1942-04-231W. B. Hyde Passes after Brief Illnessdeath
15 San Juan Record1942-04-301Elijah I. Wilson Died Last Wednesdaydeath
16 San Juan Record1942-04-301Former Monticello Resident Passesdeath
17 San Juan Record1943-04-011Mrs. Dolph Smith Passes Suddenlydeath
18 San Juan Record1943-04-221Peter Chugg Dies Suddenly in Idahodeath
19 San Juan Record1943-04-291Roque Graica Dies following Operationdeath
20 San Juan Record1944-04-061Funeral Services for Joe Christensendeath
21 San Juan Record1945-04-121Park Brady Passes after Short Illnessdeath
22 San Juan Record1945-04-191Funeral Service for Park Bradydeath
23 San Juan Record1945-04-195Entire Nation Mourns Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt; Vast Tasks Face Trumandeath
24 San Juan Record1946-04-041Funeral Services for Blanding Residentdeath
25 San Juan Record1946-04-111Mrs. Duke Sober Passes Suddenlydeath
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