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1 Grand Valley Times1902-04-118A Pioneer Passes Away-Death of Mrs. Battey Borendeath
2 Grand Valley Times1912-04-191J. J. Davis of Carlisle Dies in Kansas Citydeath
3 Grand Valley Times1919-04-182Mrs. Phoebe Hearst Deaddeath
4 Grand Valley Times1918-04-191Mrs. Hannah G. Somerville. Beloved Pioneer Woman, Dies; Funeral Being Held Todaydeath
5 Grand Valley Times1917-04-063Death Calls Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leachdeath
6 Grand Valley Times1913-04-041Judge L. B. Bartlett is Calleddeath
7 Grand Valley Times1915-04-236Senator Alorich Suddenly Calleddeath
8 Grand Valley Times1913-04-046Morgan Meets Death in Romedeath
9 Grand Valley Times1911-04-211N. C. Mortensen Dies at Monticellodeath
10 Grand Valley Times1913-04-041Mrs. Stewart Diesdeath
11 Grand Valley Times1915-04-096Former Ambassador Deaddeath
12 Grand Valley Times1902-04-254Distinguished Physician Deaddeath
13 Grand Valley Times1908-04-246Loses in Race with Deathdeath
14 Grand Valley Times1908-04-246Noted Indian Guide Deaddeath
15 Grand Valley Times1915-04-166Noted Editor Deaddeath
16 Grand Valley Times1909-04-306Great Silver Advocate Succumbs to Operationdeath
17 Grand Valley Times1917-04-061Death Calls Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leachdeath
18 Grand Valley Times1914-04-031Iowa J. Smith, Well Known in County, Diesdeath
19 Grand Valley Times1907-04-052Veteran Congressman Deaddeath
20 Grand Valley Times1912-04-052"Fiddling Bob" Taylor Deaddeath
21 Grand Valley Times1911-04-077Railway Official Called by Deathdeath
22 Grand Valley Times1919-04-184Former Moab Citizen Dies at Waldrop, Va.death
23 Grand Valley Times1914-04-106W. C. T. U. President Diesdeath
24 Grand Valley Times1910-04-292Mark Twain Calleddeath
25 Grand Valley Times1915-04-021Father of Mrs. Cooper Diesdeath
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