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1 Utah County Democrat1908-11-281Mrs. Rebecca Lake of Provo Bench Diesdeath
2 Utah County Democrat1908-10-081Nathaniel Green Dies at Mental Hospitaldeath
3 Utah County Democrat1908-11-281Phillip J. Mitchell Dies at Mental Hospitaldeath
4 Utah County Democrat1908-09-174Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Suicidesdeath
5 Utah County Democrat1908-10-201Death of Faithful Mother and Wifedeath
6 Utah County Democrat1908-11-281Funeral of Mrs. Pederson Well Attendeddeath
7 Utah County Democrat1898-12-031Death at American Forkdeath
8 Utah County Democrat1908-11-191Bessie-Ekins Dies in This City Wednesdaydeath
9 Utah County Democrat1908-09-034Death Knell of Bucketshopsdeath
10 Utah County Democrat1898-12-073Death of Spanish Forkdeath
11 Utah County Democrat1899-04-011Another Pioneer Deaddeath
12 Utah County Democrat1908-12-228Priest Suicides at Seadeath
13 Utah County Democrat1908-09-262Mrs. T. S. Roylance Deaddeath
14 Utah County Democrat1908-09-014Confederate Veteran Passes Awaydeath
15 Utah County Democrat1908-12-084Death from Leprosydeath
16 Utah County Democrat1908-11-124Noted Dramatist Deaddeath
17 Utah County Democrat1908-11-191Honored Woman Passes Away Tuesdaydeath
18 Utah County Democrat1908-09-121John S. Lewis is Deaddeath
19 Utah County Democrat1899-08-264American Girl Suicides in Parisdeath
20 Utah County Democrat1899-04-054Death of Well Known Citizendeath
21 Utah County Democrat1908-09-175Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Suicidesdeath
22 Utah County Democrat1898-11-163Sad Deathsdeath
23 Utah County Democrat1899-08-191Death of Heroes in Fictiondeath
24 Utah County Democrat1908-09-034Squall Capsized Sloop Pleasure Seekers Drowneddeath
25 Utah County Democrat1908-12-261Pres. David John is Called Home by Angel of Deathdeath
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