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1 Springville Herald1924-01-041Business Pioneer, Church Leader, One of Utah's Best Known Men Called by Deathdeath
2 Springville Herald1924-01-041Funeral Held in Springvilledeath
3 Springville Herald1924-01-042Bringing out the Bodiesdeath
4 Springville Herald1924-01-111Funeral Services are Held for Orris Jermandeath
5 Springville Herald1924-01-111Mapleton Man Passes Awaydeath
6 Springville Herald1924-01-111Funeral Services Held for Little Payson Childdeath
7 Springville Herald1924-01-114Mrs. Ivy Newman Burieddeath
8 Springville Herald1924-01-181Leaves Sugar Factory for College Studiesdeath
9 Springville Herald1924-01-184death
10 Springville Herald1924-01-184Life Long Resident of American Fork Diesdeath
11 Springville Herald1924-02-011Aged Man Dies in Springvilledeath
12 Springville Herald1924-02-011Dan Ludlow and Jack Clark of Benjamin Meet Death in Auto and Train Collisiondeath
13 Springville Herald1924-02-011Santaquin Man Burieddeath
14 Springville Herald1924-02-081Lack of Pomp and Show are Funeral Notesdeath
15 Springville Herald1924-02-081Mrs. Jennie Houtz Boyer Dies at Arco. Idahodeath
16 Springville Herald1924-02-081Funeral for R. J. Nuttalldeath
17 Springville Herald1924-02-151Car Foreman at Thistle Drops Deaddeath
18 Springville Herald1924-02-151Death Summons Mrs. I. W. Boyerdeath
19 Springville Herald1924-02-151Sheepman Dies in Springvilledeath
20 Springville Herald1924-02-221Aged Icelander Dies in Springville Homedeath
21 Springville Herald1924-02-221Pioneer Dies in Springvilledeath
22 Springville Herald1924-02-221Funeral for Wordsworthdeath
23 Springville Herald1924-02-224Sprit Renamed at Deathdeath
24 Springville Herald1924-02-224Kiddies Evening Storydeath
25 Springville Herald1924-02-291Grandson of Patriarch Died Sundaydeath
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