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1 Salt Lake Times1890-04-011A Chinese Funeraldeath
2 Salt Lake Times1890-04-011A Bishop's Funeraldeath
3 Salt Lake Times1890-04-011General Ambert Deaddeath
4 Salt Lake Times1890-04-013Little Stories of Animalsdeath
5 Salt Lake Times1890-04-014Undertakers' Shop Funeralsdeath
6 Salt Lake Times1890-04-021General Anderson Deaddeath
7 Salt Lake Times1890-04-022A Funeral from the Tenementsdeath
8 Salt Lake Times1890-04-031Looking for his Brotherdeath
9 Salt Lake Times1890-04-031Probing Mattersdeath
10 Salt Lake Times1890-04-043Undertakers' Shop Funeralsdeath
11 Salt Lake Times1890-04-053Where Garfield Dieddeath
12 Salt Lake Times1890-04-081Tuesday's Telegramsdeath
13 Salt Lake Times1890-04-083Swell Stationary for Ladies Usedeath
14 Salt Lake Times1890-04-086Red Cheeks in Deathdeath
15 Salt Lake Times1890-04-087"Swell" Stationary for Ladies' Usedeath
16 Salt Lake Times1890-04-091"Little Mac" Deaddeath
17 Salt Lake Times1890-04-101An Archbishop Diedeath
18 Salt Lake Times1890-04-101Colonel Konx Deaddeath
19 Salt Lake Times1890-04-101Some is Deaddeath
20 Salt Lake Times1890-04-101To See Kemler Diedeath
21 Salt Lake Times1890-04-107Indian's Death Walldeath
22 Salt Lake Times1890-04-111Bishop Parry Deaddeath
23 Salt Lake Times1890-04-111Ward's Wife Deaddeath
24 Salt Lake Times1890-04-111[Illegible] on the Polygsdeath
25 Salt Lake Times1890-04-121A Dead Chinamandeath
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