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1 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-032Local Newsdeath
2 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-062Death from Frightdeath
3 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-063Deathsdeath
4 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-104Sudden Deathdeath
5 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-141Death of a Theatrical Managerdeath
6 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-191Death from Roller-Skatingdeath
7 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-201Senator Bridges' Deathdeath
8 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-231Death of Clark-Nominationsdeath
9 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-281F. S. Winston Deaddeath
10 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-304Death of an Old Pioneerdeath
11 Salt Lake Democrat1885-03-304Dieddeath
12 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-041Death of Minister Cox's Motherdeath
13 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-071Barrios Not Yet Officially Deaddeath
14 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-091Barrios Certainly Deaddeath
15 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-094Death of J. A. Baileydeath
16 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-104An Old Soldier's Funeraldeath
17 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-111Death of the Lord Mayordeath
18 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-281Barrios' Death in Panamadeath
19 Salt Lake Democrat1885-04-291Burning Her Dead Brotherdeath
20 Salt Lake Democrat1885-05-041Death of Mrs. Vanderbiltdeath
21 Salt Lake Democrat1885-05-051A Mother's Terrible Deeddeath
22 Salt Lake Democrat1885-05-051Death of McDowelldeath
23 Salt Lake Democrat1885-05-071Earl Dudley Deaddeath
24 Salt Lake Democrat1885-05-214Death of John Nilandeath
25 Salt Lake Democrat1885-06-204Last Sad Ritesdeath
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