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1 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-01-124Orrin Clark Deaddeath
2 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-01-191Mount Pleasant Boy Diesdeath
3 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-03-154Repels Attack of Deathdeath
4 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-03-156Favor Indian Runner Ducksdeath
5 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-03-224Repels Attack of Deathdeath
6 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-04-121Death of Mrs. Jacob Hafen Jr.death
7 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-04-197Faint Hearts and Fair Ladiesdeath
8 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-04-261Gerald Anderson Dies in his Youthdeath
9 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-04-262Twelve Titanic Victims were worth $191,000,000death
10 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-04-266Archie Butt Meets Death like a Herodeath
11 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-031Merlin Fowls Deaddeath
12 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-031Death of Pioneerdeath
13 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-244Death Calls Pioneerdeath
14 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-246Physician Advises Cuticura Remediesdeath
15 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-311Mrs. Edward Fowels Deaddeath
16 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-314Moronideath
17 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-05-315Death Cuts Short Careerdeath
18 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-06-141Why not Organize a Ladies' Band in Mt. Pleasant?death
19 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-06-143Fie, Maudie!death
20 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-06-286Saved from Death in Old Shaftdeath
21 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-07-057Deaths at Grade Crossingsdeath
22 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-07-191Death Calls Pioneerdeath
23 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-07-192Digging up a Buried Citydeath
24 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-07-263Sure Death to all Insectsdeath
25 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1912-08-092Hold on to Good Breedersdeath
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