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1 Milford News1928-04-201Barnes Tot Taken by Grim Reaper Sunday Eveningdeath
2 Milford News1928-04-202Local Newsdeath
3 Milford News1928-04-203Don't Ride a Good Horse to Deathdeath
4 Milford News1928-05-041Gets Word of the Death of Daughterdeath
5 Milford News1928-05-048Death Casts Pall O Milford Familydeath
6 Milford News1928-05-111Dies Here after Stricken on Tripdeath
7 Milford News1928-05-118Mrs. Garzand is Taken by Deathdeath
8 Milford News1928-05-251Charles Singleton Died in Salt Lakedeath
9 Milford News1928-05-251Geologist Studies James Oil Welldeath
10 Milford News1928-06-011Legion and Ladiesdeath
11 Milford News1928-06-081Nevada Man Dies in Local Hospitaldeath
12 Milford News1928-06-151Mrs. Bushanan is Taken by Deathdeath
13 Milford News1928-06-292Duel to the Death between Two Ducksdeath
14 Milford News1928-07-205Little Girl is Burned to Deathdeath
15 Milford News1928-07-276Helper Man Held for Physician's Deathdeath
16 Milford News1928-07-276Former Minister Here Dies in Iowadeath
17 Milford News1928-08-031Beaver Man Dies Sundaydeath
18 Milford News1928-08-031Milford Young Man is Killed by Falldeath
19 Milford News1928-08-036Duchesne Youth Dies of Injuriesdeath
20 Milford News1928-08-101William L. Hardy Dies in Comptondeath
21 Milford News1928-08-171Three-Year Old to T Struck by Auto and Dies with Hin a Half an Hourdeath
22 Milford News1928-08-241Dies Wednesday in Salt Lake Citydeath
23 Milford News1928-08-311Word Received of Mrs. Gould's Deathdeath
24 Milford News1928-08-318Convict under Death Sentence 16 Yearsdeath
25 Milford News1928-08-318Madman Shoots down Ten Totsdeath
1 - 25 of 1,171