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1 Lehi Sun1915-12-292Chicagoan Dies from New Diseasedeath
2 Lehi Sun1915-12-292Despondent Doctor Suicidesdeath
3 Lehi Sun1915-12-292Seven Meet Death in Stormdeath
4 Lehi Sun1915-12-292Operator Dies at Postdeath
5 Lehi Sun1915-12-294Mrs. Eliza Gaisfird Passes Awaydeath
6 Lehi Sun1916-03-223Roumanian Queen near Deathdeath
7 Lehi Sun1916-03-223Consul Dies like a Herodeath
8 Lehi Sun1920-08-053Arctic Hero's Widow Diesdeath
9 Lehi Sun1920-08-265Elude Police but Are Drowneddeath
10 Lehi Sun1920-09-021Barnhart Baby Diesdeath
11 Lehi Sun1920-09-021Lehi Railroad Man Diesdeath
12 Lehi Sun1920-09-025Notifies Police, Then Suicidesdeath
13 Lehi Sun1920-09-025Fell Four Floors to Deathdeath
14 Lehi Sun1920-09-028Former Lehi Girl Dies in Eurekadeath
15 Lehi Sun1920-09-097Meet Death in Hotel Blazedeath
16 Lehi Sun1920-09-097Three Dead at Niagaradeath
17 Lehi Sun1920-09-161Former Lehi Man Burieddeath
18 Lehi Sun1920-09-165Two Aviators Burned to Deathdeath
19 Lehi Sun1920-09-165Racehorse Owner Deaddeath
20 Lehi Sun1920-09-231Service Man Buried Heredeath
21 Lehi Sun1920-09-235Newspaperman Dies at Workdeath
22 Lehi Sun1920-09-301Three Young Children Diedeath
23 Lehi Sun1920-09-304Women Doomed to Die Old Maidsdeath
24 Lehi Sun1920-10-071Henrickson Baby Buried Heredeath
25 Lehi Sun1920-10-077Death Summons Statesmandeath
1 - 25 of 276