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1 Grand Valley Times1896-07-033Judge Trumbull Deaddeath
2 Grand Valley Times1896-08-212Architect George B. Miller Deaddeath
3 Grand Valley Times1896-11-062Death in a Welldeath
4 Grand Valley Times1896-11-062Manager Bunce Deaddeath
5 Grand Valley Times1896-11-202Wealthy Kentuckian Deaddeath
6 Grand Valley Times1896-12-188An Old Pioneer Passed Away. Death of Mrs. D. A. Empeydeath
7 Grand Valley Times1897-02-268Moab Losses ONe of its Most Esteemed Citizens Death of Mrs. Neil Raydeath
8 Grand Valley Times1897-03-191Another Pioneer Passed Away. Death of "Grandma" Maxwelldeath
9 Grand Valley Times1897-05-076Elizabeth Greatorex Deaddeath
10 Grand Valley Times1897-06-188Suddden Death of Orin Kinnisondeath
11 Grand Valley Times1897-10-291Death of Mrs. Wm. Sommervilledeath
12 Grand Valley Times1898-01-218Death of John Vanderwalkerdeath
13 Grand Valley Times1898-01-282Died of Excessive Joydeath
14 Grand Valley Times1898-10-071Death of Grandpa Maxwelldeath
15 Grand Valley Times1898-10-148Death of Mrs Mariette P. Stewartdeath
16 Grand Valley Times1898-12-028Sudden Death of Mrs. Thomas Dalydeath
17 Grand Valley Times1899-08-044Death of a Boy Murdererdeath
18 Grand Valley Times1899-09-086Death of an Austrian Actordeath
19 Grand Valley Times1899-12-011A Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
20 Grand Valley Times1900-01-057A Great Inventordeath
21 Grand Valley Times1900-01-195A Famous Hindu Deaddeath
22 Grand Valley Times1900-01-261A Pioneer Passes to the Great Beyonddeath
23 Grand Valley Times1900-02-232Lived Exciting Lifedeath
24 Grand Valley Times1900-08-033Baking out Diseasedeath
25 Grand Valley Times1900-09-286Mrs. F. B. Hammond Passes Awaydeath
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