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1 Goodwin's Weekly1902-07-194Mrs. Read's Deathdeath
2 Goodwin's Weekly1903-04-253W. I. Salkild Deaddeath
3 Goodwin's Weekly1903-07-253Chief Arthur's Deathdeath
4 Goodwin's Weekly1903-11-073Mrs. O'Meara Deaddeath
5 Goodwin's Weekly1905-09-097Wilde's Death and Funeraldeath
6 Goodwin's Weekly1905-09-235Miss Kahn's Deathdeath
7 Goodwin's Weekly1906-12-012The Deaths of A. N. Hamilton and Wifedeath
8 Goodwin's Weekly1907-01-194A Great Musician Deaddeath
9 Goodwin's Weekly1907-01-263Death of Captain Singiserdeath
10 Goodwin's Weekly1907-05-252Death of Judge Minerdeath
11 Goodwin's Weekly1907-07-204Mrs. Folsom's Deathdeath
12 Goodwin's Weekly1907-07-204The Death of Mrs. Moretondeath
13 Goodwin's Weekly1907-08-104Death of Dr. Alexander Macleandeath
14 Goodwin's Weekly1907-09-0714A Great Actor is Deaddeath
15 Goodwin's Weekly1907-11-093Mrs. Thompson's Funeraldeath
16 Goodwin's Weekly1907-12-284Death of D. L. Blissdeath
17 Goodwin's Weekly1908-01-186The Suicidedeath
18 Goodwin's Weekly1908-04-0413Deaddeath
19 Goodwin's Weekly1908-05-023Death of Mrs. Peerydeath
20 Goodwin's Weekly1908-05-023Died, Gordondeath
21 Goodwin's Weekly1908-11-144Death of Victorien Sardoudeath
22 Goodwin's Weekly1908-12-1911Death of Mrs. Doscherdeath
23 Goodwin's Weekly1909-01-232John D. Wooddeath
24 Goodwin's Weekly1909-01-304Friend Deathdeath
25 Goodwin's Weekly1909-06-053James W. Campbelldeath
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