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1 Deseret Weekly1889-01-1210Death of a Pioneerdeath
2 Deseret Weekly1889-01-2625Death of a Veterandeath
3 Deseret Weekly1889-05-118Death of a Chiefdeath
4 Deseret Weekly1889-06-0114Death of Nelson Prattdeath
5 Deseret Weekly1889-06-0119Elder Collett's Deathdeath
6 Deseret Weekly1889-06-225A. P. Richards' Funeraldeath
7 Deseret Weekly1889-07-068Death of Mrs. Hayesdeath
8 Deseret Weekly1889-07-069Death of Simon Camerondeath
9 Deseret Weekly1889-07-1318Death of a Veterandeath
10 Deseret Weekly1889-07-2715Obituarydeath
11 Deseret Weekly1889-09-2128Death and Career of Mr. Coxdeath
12 Deseret Weekly1889-10-0532Death of Bishop Kimballdeath
13 Deseret Weekly1889-12-077Death of Geo. H. Pendletondeath
14 Deseret Weekly1889-12-143Death of Elder John Lyondeath
15 Deseret Weekly1890-01-0411The Death of Francis Copedeath
16 Deseret Weekly1890-01-0414General Itemsdeath
17 Deseret Weekly1890-01-0422Death of A. J. Stoutdeath
18 Deseret Weekly1890-01-1126Funeral of Francis Copedeath
19 Deseret Weekly1890-01-1824Death of a Good Mandeath
20 Deseret Weekly1890-02-2229Mrs. Baskin's Deathdeath
21 Deseret Weekly1890-03-087Death of Bishop Pollarddeath
22 Deseret Weekly1890-03-1520Elder Simmons' Deathdeath
23 Deseret Weekly1890-03-1525For the Deaddeath
24 Deseret Weekly1890-03-223Death of Elder Hallidaydeath
25 Deseret Weekly1890-03-2222Death of a Worthy Mandeath
1 - 25 of 794