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1 Broad Ax1896-01-251The Death of Frank Lawlerdeath
2 Broad Ax1896-07-184Death of John McChrystaldeath
3 Broad Ax1897-05-152Death by Electricitydeath
4 Broad Ax1897-06-052Gen. Fullerton's Deathdeath
5 Broad Ax1897-07-171Death of Mrs. Heber M. Wellsdeath
6 Broad Ax1897-08-212Death of a Half-Shot Soldierdeath
7 Broad Ax1897-10-233Two Dead Whalesdeath
8 Broad Ax1897-10-301International Bimetallism is Deaddeath
9 Broad Ax1897-11-202Dead Lover Haunts Herdeath
10 Broad Ax1897-11-273Death of Elizabethdeath
11 Broad Ax1898-01-291Death of Stephen B. Newmandeath
12 Broad Ax1898-01-292Swallows Hatpins to Diedeath
13 Broad Ax1898-01-293Diphtheria in Wisconsindeath
14 Broad Ax1898-02-052Died of Excessive Joydeath
15 Broad Ax1898-02-192Died, Revived and Dieddeath
16 Broad Ax1898-04-161Death of B. R. Tylerdeath
17 Broad Ax1898-04-162Death of B. R. Tylerdeath
18 Broad Ax1898-05-073Met Death in Strange Fashiondeath
19 Broad Ax1898-09-031Death of President Wilford Woodruffdeath
20 Broad Ax1898-09-101President Woodruff's Funeraldeath
21 Broad Ax1898-10-012Gored to Deathdeath
22 Broad Ax1898-11-052Died Queer Deathsdeath
23 Broad Ax1899-03-042Death from Heavendeath
24 Broad Ax1899-06-061Death of C. H. J. Taylordeath
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