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1 American Eagle1897-06-262Capt. Boycott Deaddeath
2 American Eagle1897-10-231Hial G. Bradford Deaddeath
3 American Eagle1901-08-178Death of Mrs. Standersdeath
4 American Eagle1901-09-215Was a Daring Mandeath
5 American Eagle1901-10-051Mrs. Sarah Gray Deaddeath
6 American Eagle1901-11-096Li Hung Chang Deaddeath
7 American Eagle1902-01-181Mrs. Whale Deaddeath
8 American Eagle1902-03-152John P. Altgeld Deaddeath
9 American Eagle1902-03-152Boys Played at Wardeath
10 American Eagle1902-03-152Twelve Dead Forty-Two Injured as Result of S. P. Wreckdeath
11 American Eagle1902-03-292Builder of Empire Deaddeath
12 American Eagle1902-03-294Bank Cashier Ends Lifedeath
13 American Eagle1902-04-122Ad Wreck in Mdeath
14 American Eagle1902-04-192T. De Witt Talmage Deaddeath
15 American Eagle1902-05-032J. Sterling Morton Deaddeath
16 American Eagle1902-05-102Admiral Sampson Deaddeath
17 American Eagle1902-05-102Bret Harte Die in Europe of a Malady of Long Standingdeath
18 American Eagle1902-05-171Murray Octogenarian Deaddeath
19 American Eagle1902-07-262John W. Mackay Deaddeath
20 American Eagle1902-08-168Moritz Raphael Deaddeath
21 American Eagle1902-09-202Millionaire Striation Deaddeath
22 American Eagle1902-10-041Chas. Valentine Deaddeath
23 American Eagle1902-10-256"Fighting Jim" Jouett Deaddeath
24 American Eagle1902-11-292Famous Gunmaker Deaddeath
25 American Eagle1902-12-132Death of Speaker Reeddeath
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