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1 Milford News1928-05-041Local Newsbirth
2 Milford News1928-05-043Grorge and his Birthdaybirth
3 Milford News1928-05-116Best to Vaccinate Calf Immediately after Bornbirth
4 Milford News1929-05-311Farm Community Marks Anniversarybirth
5 Milford News1929-05-313Birthsbirth
6 Milford News1931-05-215Thousand Disasters Received Red Cross Aid in Fifty Yearsbirth
7 Milford News1931-05-285Nelly Stewart is Honored by Party on 8th Birthdaybirth
8 Milford News1932-05-051Return from Japan to Land of Birthbirth
9 Milford News1932-05-196Birth of G. A. R.birth
10 Milford News1932-05-264Fillmore Twins Born Two Days Apartbirth
11 Milford News1933-05-041Bird-Hardybirth
12 Milford News1934-05-177When Born on High Seasbirth
13 Milford News1938-05-053Picture Paradebirth
14 Milford News1941-05-01130th Anniversary is Celebratedbirth
15 Milford News1941-05-153Happy Birthday?birth
16 Milford News1942-05-073'Happy Birthday' to Der Fuehrerbirth
17 Milford News1945-05-031Four New Babies Bornbirth
18 Milford News1946-05-103Shirley Celebrates Birthbirth
19 Milford News1946-05-103Usda's Birthdaybirth
20 Milford News1947-05-153Russian Still Going Strong on his 142nd Birthdaybirth
21 Milford News1947-05-228Jeanette Colborn Wed to Tine Bighambirth
22 Milford News1948-05-071Hospital Notesbirth
23 Milford News1948-05-072Dale Carnegiebirth
24 Milford News1949-05-265Hospital Notesbirth
25 Milford News1950-05-041Hospital Notesbirth
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