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1 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-121A. C. Smoot Enjoys Birthday Partybirth
2 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-122Infants under Year Old Enjoy Christmas Gifts, Baby Claimsbirth
3 Sugar House Bulletin1945-12-071Dinner Party Monday to Honor A. C. Smoot on 80th Birthdaybirth
4 Sugar House Bulletin1945-12-141Birthday Party Honors Pioneer of Sugar Housebirth
5 Sugar House Bulletin1946-12-061Birth Announcedbirth
6 Sugar House Bulletin1946-12-276New Year Antedates Birth of Chirstbirth
7 Sugar House Bulletin1947-12-191Daughter Born to the D. James Cannonsbirth
8 Sugar House Bulletin1947-12-192Birthdaybirth
9 Sugar House Bulletin1947-12-193Son Born to L. R. Milnesbirth
10 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-101Infant Saved by Local Policebirth
11 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-091S. H. 'Mayor' Celebrates 81st Birthdaybirth
12 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-156New Arrivalbirth
13 Sugar House Bulletin1952-12-296Chrismas Tot Born in S. H.; Others Arrivebirth
14 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-113Baby Boybirth
15 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-115Baby Girlbirth
16 Sugar House Bulletin1953-12-181Dan Gardiner's New Daughterbirth
17 Sugar House Bulletin1954-12-244J. Debenham Birthdaybirth
18 Sugar House Bulletin1954-12-244Birthsbirth
19 Sugar House Bulletin1955-12-012Obituarybirth
20 Sugar House Bulletin1955-12-083Obituarybirth
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