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1 Utah Daily Chronicle1941-01-161Dormitory to Hold Birthday Partybirth
2 Utah Daily Chronicle1941-03-131Carlson Hall Sets Birthday Partybirth
3 Utah Daily Chronicle1947-10-234birth
4 Utah Daily Chronicle1949-04-144Vadal Begins Spring Hoop Workbirth
5 Utah Daily Chronicle1951-10-186Big Chief Alumni Returns, Celebrates Ho-Yo's Birthdaybirth
6 Utah Daily Chronicle1956-02-177Mines Growth is Topic for Geology Seminarbirth
7 Utah Daily Chronicle1960-11-292Birthdaysbirth
8 Utah Daily Chronicle1961-01-233Banquet Scheduledbirth
9 Utah Daily Chronicle1961-01-301University's Birthday Marks 'Operation III'birth
10 Utah Daily Chronicle1963-11-072Birth of Modern Manbirth
11 Utah Daily Chronicle1963-11-085Group Argues Birth Controlbirth
12 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-02-131LBJ Observes Lincoln's Birthdaybirth
13 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-03-243Play to Salute Birthday of Shakespearebirth
14 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-04-272Happy Birthday Willbirth
15 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-10-194Utes Rally to Dump Stubborn Rams, 13-3birth
16 Utah Daily Chronicle1964-12-033Ama Blasts Neutral Birth Control Policybirth
17 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-01-223Prof. Argues Birth Controlbirth
18 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-03-314First Born have Edge on Wealthbirth
19 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-04-071Birth Control to Theme Discoursebirth
20 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-04-073Businessmen have Birthdaybirth
21 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-10-113More on Birth Controlbirth
22 Utah Daily Chronicle1965-11-2410Boxing is Rebornbirth
23 Utah Daily Chronicle1966-07-121Summer Edition, New Med Center has Birthdaybirth
24 Utah Daily Chronicle1967-02-152Shaman Fowler Calls for Cultural Rebirthbirth
25 Utah Daily Chronicle1967-05-102The Birth of a Voicebirth
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