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1 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1911-12-273Societyarticle
2 Salt Lake Telegram1913-11-175Societyarticle
3 Salt Lake Tribune1913-11-2333News of the Society Worldarticle
4 Salt Lake Telegram1913-12-089Societyarticle
5 Salt Lake Telegram1914-02-2114Societyarticle
6 Salt Lake Tribune1914-02-2210Patriotic Function Proves a Brilliant Affair Daughters of the American Revolution Meetarticle
7 Salt Lake Telegram1914-05-125Societyarticle
8 Salt Lake Tribune1914-06-0729Societyarticle
9 Salt Lake Telegram1914-07-295Societyarticle
10 Salt Lake Telegram1914-07-306Societyarticle
11 Goodwin's Weekly1914-08-018Saunteringsarticle
12 Salt Lake Tribune1914-08-3032Salt Laker Writes from Switzerlandarticle
13 Salt Lake Telegram1914-08-3111Utah Sidelights on European Wararticle
14 Salt Lake Tribune1914-10-0610annual meeting of osteopaths is Heldarticle
15 Salt Lake Telegram1914-10-1314Citizens Are Indignant over Action of Officers in Handling Race Casearticle
16 Salt Lake Telegram1914-10-313Societyarticle
17 Salt Lake Tribune1914-12-042Salt Lake City Boy Assisting Belgiansarticle
18 Salt Lake Tribune1915-02-175Societyarticle
19 Salt Lake Tribune1915-02-218Societyarticle
20 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-06-155Society Notesarticle
21 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1915-09-0542September Brings with it Resumption of Social Gaietyarticle
22 Salt Lake Telegram1915-10-0513Utah Osteopaths Elect Dr. Grace Aireyarticle
23 Salt Lake Tribune1915-11-0914Osteopaths Greet Dr. Curtis Brighamarticle
24 Salt Lake Telegram1915-11-1111Salt Lake Boy at Oxford Tells of Air Raidarticle
25 Salt Lake Telegram1915-12-0912Societyarticle
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