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1 Weber River Independent1920-04-025Killing of the Reese Cattledeath
2 Weber River Independent1920-04-231Kills Three and Then Suicidesdeath
3 Weber River Independent1920-04-307The Dear, Dead Daysdeath
4 Weber River Independent1920-05-071Drive on Sparrowsdeath
5 Weber River Independent1920-05-071Local Newsdeath
6 Weber River Independent1920-05-074Spraying for Leaf-Hopperdeath
7 Weber River Independent1920-05-147Really Bored to Death."death
8 Weber River Independent1920-05-211Twelve Are Killed in Pistol Battledeath
9 Weber River Independent1920-05-211Sheriff's Slayer Must Diedeath
10 Weber River Independent1920-05-215Two Die in Idaho Auto Accidentdeath
11 Weber River Independent1920-06-043Young Ball Players Decrease in Minorsdeath
12 Weber River Independent1920-06-044Obituarydeath
13 Weber River Independent1920-06-181Faces Death Boldlydeath
14 Weber River Independent1920-06-254Death of Mrs. D. E. Shearerdeath
15 Weber River Independent1920-07-024Mountain Lions Caught after Killing Many Sheepdeath
16 Weber River Independent1920-07-025Obituarydeath
17 Weber River Independent1920-07-091Soldier Bonus Hope Killeddeath
18 Weber River Independent1920-07-096Man Baptized in Coffin Dead in Kentuckydeath
19 Weber River Independent1920-07-096Ring Lost Year Found Round Neck of Dead Ratdeath
20 Weber River Independent1920-07-238Engineer Killed on Big Linerdeath
21 Weber River Independent1920-07-238Son of Schumann-Keink Killeddeath
22 Weber River Independent1920-08-061Teach U. S. Historydeath
23 Weber River Independent1920-08-068Kills Babe after Quarreldeath
24 Weber River Independent1920-08-068Boys Confess to Killingdeath
25 Weber River Independent1920-08-132Noted Actor is Deaddeath
1 - 25 of 89