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1 Uintah Basin Record1931-10-301Emmet Sexton Diesdeath
2 Uintah Basin Record1932-02-055Whit Clifton Diesdeath
3 Uintah Basin Record1932-02-261Funeral Services Held for Dean Blackburndeath
4 Uintah Basin Record1932-02-268Gideon Baril Passesdeath
5 Uintah Basin Record1932-05-271Funeral Held for Freddie Thompsondeath
6 Uintah Basin Record1932-06-031Pay Homage to Nation's Deaddeath
7 Uintah Basin Record1932-06-171Infant Son Diesdeath
8 Uintah Basin Record1932-08-051Mrs. E. J. Woolley Passes at Tabionadeath
9 Uintah Basin Record1932-08-051Former Resident Dies in Washingtondeath
10 Uintah Basin Record1932-08-058Mrs. Elizabeth Mayhew is Taken by Deathdeath
11 Uintah Basin Record1932-11-253Oil Man Dies, Victim of Woman's Bulletdeath
12 Uintah Basin Record1932-12-021Lloyd S. Moffitt Passes at Veterans' Hospitaldeath
13 Uintah Basin Record1932-12-091Father of David Huish Passes Away at Paysondeath
14 Uintah Basin Record1932-12-162Funeral Services for Charles Wyman Held at Cedarview Warddeath
15 Uintah Basin Record1933-01-271Ferdinand O. Ottosen Laid to Rest in Talmage Cemeterydeath
16 Uintah Basin Record1933-02-031Arcadia Citizen Passes at Vernaldeath
17 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-031Texas Judge Diesdeath
18 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-101Cermack Dies after Hard Fight for Lifedeath
19 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-101Dr. John E. Morton Former Basinite Dies in Salt Lakedeath
20 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-101James D. Stephenson is Called by Deathdeath
21 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-171Jesse W. Clement Passes in Salt Lakedeath
22 Uintah Basin Record1933-03-311Woman Charged with Hacking Mat to Deathdeath
23 Uintah Basin Record1933-05-261Kaysville Pioneer Dies at Son's Home Last Tuesday Noondeath
24 Uintah Basin Record1933-06-233Died Doing Good Deeddeath
25 Uintah Basin Record1933-06-301Obituarydeath
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