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1 Sun1915-06-047Lewis A. Merrill Deaddeath
2 Sun1915-06-112Methods of Northwestern Mutua of Seattle, Wash. Exposeddeath
3 Sun1915-06-253Resolutions On the Death of Andrew Young, Srdeath
4 Sun1915-06-256Funeral of Mrs. Gwythers Occurs Tuesday Afternoondeath
5 Sun1915-07-163Dr. J. A. Holmes Passes at Denverdeath
6 Sun1915-07-168Death of Mrs. Nicholsondeath
7 Sun1915-07-237Peter Olsen is Deaddeath
8 Sun1915-07-237Samuel Rossi Diesdeath
9 Sun1915-07-304Eight Coal Miners Dead Fifteen Are Badlydeath
10 Sun1915-08-131Old Time Coal Miner is Deaddeath
11 Sun1915-09-035Died in Los Angelesdeath
12 Sun1915-09-035Eighteen Are Deaddeath
13 Sun1915-09-105Myton Harnessmaker Deaddeath
14 Sun1915-09-178Fly Bite Causes Deathdeath
15 Sun1915-10-013Death Summons Comes to Frank Knox, Bankerdeath
16 Sun1915-10-018H. M. Royle Burieddeath
17 Sun1915-10-086Funeral of Sunnyside Boy is Held at Spanish Forkdeath
18 Sun1915-10-151Mrs. Eliza Hill Passesdeath
19 Sun1915-10-221Deaths at Wellingtondeath
20 Sun1915-11-121Judge A. N. Cherry Deaddeath
21 Sun1915-11-125Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
22 Sun1915-11-193Booker T. Washington, the Negro Educator, is Deaddeath
23 Sun1915-11-261Hillstrom is Buried; Funeral Typical Onedeath
24 Sun1915-11-265Death of Mrs. Goodmandeath
25 Sun1915-11-267Charles Pulsipher, Nauvoo Veteran, Has Passed Awaydeath
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