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1 Summit County Bee1960-01-147Linda Atkinson, Ted Muir Are Wedwedding
2 Summit County Bee1960-01-147Arizona Girl to Wed Thomas P. Thompsonwedding
3 Summit County Bee1960-02-184Dee R. Winterton to Wed March 18wedding
4 Summit County Bee1960-02-184JoAnne Walker Weds Jay Seamonswedding
5 Summit County Bee1960-02-1812Dee R. Winterton to Wed March 18wedding
6 Summit County Bee1960-03-1012Bride-to-be is Feted at Showerwedding
7 Summit County Bee1960-03-171Oakley Couple to Mark 50th Wedding Datewedding
8 Summit County Bee1960-03-172Marie Miles Weds David L. Hamiltonwedding
9 Summit County Bee1960-03-173Mary Chisholm Wed Thursdaywedding
10 Summit County Bee1960-03-176Oakley Couple to Mark 50th Wedding Datewedding
11 Summit County Bee1960-03-176J. Olpins Host Wedding Receptionwedding
12 Summit County Bee1960-03-241Engagedwedding
13 Summit County Bee1960-04-071Mrs. Dee Winterton is Lovely Bridewedding
14 Summit County Bee1960-04-072John Smith Will Wed Kansas Girlwedding
15 Summit County Bee1960-04-145Dee Winterton Wed March 17wedding
16 Summit County Bee1960-04-211Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Paskett Are Honored on Golden Weddingwedding
17 Summit County Bee1960-04-212Carolyn Frkovich to Wed Dee Grosewedding
18 Summit County Bee1960-04-216Mr. and Mrs. Curits J. Paskett Are Honored on Golden Weddingwedding
19 Summit County Bee1960-04-281Golden Wedding for Kamas Pairwedding
20 Summit County Bee1960-05-265Theron Gunn and Miss Mischke Wedwedding
21 Summit County Bee1960-06-024Lovely Oakley Girl to Wed next Weekwedding
22 Summit County Bee1960-06-231May Von Sargent to Wed June 30wedding
23 Summit County Bee1960-06-301Mrs. Ruth Gunn, Ray Richins Wedwedding
24 Summit County Bee1964-07-093Miss Ina Carter to Wed July 10wedding
25 Summit County Bee1964-07-094Monticello Girl, Kenneth Boyer Are Wedwedding
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