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1 South High Scribe1941-09-29issue
2 South High Scribe1941-09-291Smith Victor in Election for Presidentarticle
3 South High Scribe1941-09-291Alumni Given Scholarships to Universityarticle
4 South High Scribe1941-09-291Secret Adventures of an Abstract Astronomer Finally Disclosed in Revealing Anecdotearticle
5 South High Scribe1941-09-291Band Plans Initial Concertarticle
6 South High Scribe1941-09-291Cartoonist will be Guest Artist in School Assemblyarticle
7 South High Scribe1941-09-291Cadetes will Continue Wearing of Insigniaarticle
8 South High Scribe1941-09-291Change in Grade of Paper Advantageousarticle
9 South High Scribe1941-09-291New Members Join Faculty at South Higharticle
10 South High Scribe1941-09-291Advisors of Annual Publication Selectedarticle
11 South High Scribe1941-09-291Office Assistants Introducedarticle
12 South High Scribe1941-09-291Noticearticle
13 South High Scribe1941-09-291page
14 South High Scribe1941-09-291masthead
15 South High Scribe1941-09-291unclassified
16 South High Scribe1941-09-292Cubby Holearticle
17 South High Scribe1941-09-292Campus Clothes=Upsarticle
18 South High Scribe1941-09-292For South High Gloryarticle
19 South High Scribe1941-09-292Graduation, Then What?article
20 South High Scribe1941-09-292Meet the Peoplearticle
21 South High Scribe1941-09-292When America Callsarticle
22 South High Scribe1941-09-292As I See Itarticle
23 South High Scribe1941-09-292page
24 South High Scribe1941-09-292unclassified
25 South High Scribe1941-09-292unclassified
1 - 25 of 1,644