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1 San Juan Record1931-02-263To Celebrate Virgil's Birthbirth
2 San Juan Record1931-09-171Aw Gee!birth
3 San Juan Record1933-05-188Birthsbirth
4 San Juan Record1933-08-038Birthsbirth
5 San Juan Record1934-08-094What Others Thinkbirth
6 San Juan Record1935-01-246Uncommon Sensebirth
7 San Juan Record1938-03-177birth
8 San Juan Record1939-06-019Blanding Departmentbirth
9 San Juan Record1939-06-0815birth
10 San Juan Record1939-10-1916Birth Announcementbirth
11 San Juan Record1939-11-3016Birth Announcementbirth
12 San Juan Record1940-01-0413birth
13 San Juan Record1940-02-0116Birth Announcementbirth
14 San Juan Record1940-05-023Where Germany Advanced 'Protectorate' Demandsbirth
15 San Juan Record1940-09-122Weekly News Analysisbirth
16 San Juan Record1941-05-2214birth
17 San Juan Record1945-06-077Bolero Costumebirth
18 San Juan Record1945-12-131Post-War Milk Surplus Fadesbirth
19 San Juan Record1949-08-188A Tribute to AAbirth
20 San Juan Record1950-08-031School Building Bids Asked This Monthbirth
21 San Juan Record1950-08-037Crossword Puzzlebirth
22 San Juan Record1950-08-311The Old Settlerbirth
23 San Juan Record1951-04-121Public Aid Sought by OPSbirth
24 San Juan Record1951-08-234New Arrivalsbirth
25 San Juan Record1953-05-211Birthday Partybirth
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