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1 San Juan Record1919-02-261Died En Route to Fruita Hospitaldeath
2 San Juan Record1919-03-056Hand Grenade Kills Childrendeath
3 San Juan Record1919-03-056Reds Commute Death Penaltydeath
4 San Juan Record1919-03-057American Army Deaths 107,444death
5 San Juan Record1920-04-071"Big Foot" Outlaw Wolf Caught by Musselmandeath
6 San Juan Record1920-04-072Family Killed by Avalanchedeath
7 San Juan Record1920-04-076Samuel Gompers' Brother Diesdeath
8 San Juan Record1920-04-076Woman Killed in Dublin Riotdeath
9 San Juan Record1920-04-078Little Hardy Baby Dies after Birthdeath
10 San Juan Record1921-02-166Banker Kills Himselfdeath
11 San Juan Record1930-02-201Lives of Peter Bailey and Roland Adams Snuffed out in the Twinkling of an Eyedeath
12 San Juan Record1930-02-271Pioneer Dry Farmer Dies of Cancer Heredeath
13 San Juan Record1930-03-201Cattle Dropping Dead of Mysterious Causedeath
14 San Juan Record1930-03-271C. E. Alexander Dies Suddenly at Gortezdeath
15 San Juan Record1930-05-151Pioneer Cattleman Found Dead on Traildeath
16 San Juan Record1930-06-191Father of Mrs. Blake Dies at Age of 84death
17 San Juan Record1930-06-261Ex-San Juanite Dies in California Homedeath
18 San Juan Record1930-07-031Little Boy Dies in Moab from Accidentdeath
19 San Juan Record1930-10-0210Farmer is Buried Sitting in Chair, as Will Directsdeath
20 San Juan Record1930-10-091L. B. Redd Dies in Moab Hospitaldeath
21 San Juan Record1930-10-097Negro Baby Death Rate Far Higher than Whitedeath
22 San Juan Record1930-10-161Geo. Halls Rogerson Dies in Provodeath
23 San Juan Record1930-11-201Well Known Dove Creek Editor Diesdeath
24 San Juan Record1930-11-271Mother of Mrs. Inez Adams Dies at Ephriamdeath
25 San Juan Record1930-12-111Clifford Frost Dies from Heart Attackdeath
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