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1 Rich County Reaper1929-03-081Funeral Services for H. M. Jacobson Held on Mondaydeath
2 Rich County Reaper1929-03-156Nelson C. Allared Died Last Saturdaydeath
3 Rich County Reaper1929-04-265Farmer Kills 273 Snakes in One Daydeath
4 Rich County Reaper1929-05-032Kill "Gad Flies" While Still in Grub Stagedeath
5 Rich County Reaper1929-05-104Potato Seed Treatment to Kill All Organismsdeath
6 Rich County Reaper1929-06-284Dusters Satisfactory in Fields for Killing Bugsdeath
7 Rich County Reaper1929-11-011Pioneer Citizen Diesdeath
8 Rich County Reaper1929-11-085Champion Piper Played His Own Death Lamentdeath
9 Rich County Reaper1929-12-132Mature Dairy Animals Are Needlessly Killeddeath
10 Rich County Reaper1929-12-203Kills Wife, Ends Lifedeath
11 Rich County Reaper1930-01-171Death Visits Round Valley Homedeath
12 Rich County Reaper1930-03-213340 Traffic Deaths in London in 3 Monthsdeath
13 Rich County Reaper1930-04-041Wife of President of Deseret Live Stock Co. Is Called by Deathdeath
14 Rich County Reaper1930-04-111Death Rate in United States Shows Increasedeath
15 Rich County Reaper1930-04-11435,000 Eagles Killed in Alaska in Decadedeath
16 Rich County Reaper1930-05-235Would Prefer Deathdeath
17 Rich County Reaper1930-05-301Boy Kicked by Horsedeath
18 Rich County Reaper1930-06-063Dice Long Knowndeath
19 Rich County Reaper1930-06-133Hides 18 Years in Home; Kills Woman's Spousedeath
20 Rich County Reaper1930-09-261Death Comes to Mrs. Oliver Rickert Tuesdaldeath
21 Rich County Reaper1930-09-264Suitor, Aged 30, Kills 60-Year-Old Deaf Mutedeath
22 Rich County Reaper1930-09-265Wins Safety Prize; is Killed by Truckdeath
23 Rich County Reaper1930-09-265Snake Leads Caretaker to Wholesale Killingdeath
24 Rich County Reaper1930-10-0344-H Club Beef Diesdeath
25 Rich County Reaper1930-10-244Frog's Death Sentence Brought Forth Protestdeath
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