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1 Piute Chieftain1916-04-202Bob Burman Burieddeath
2 Piute Chieftain1916-04-202Richard Harding Davis Diesdeath
3 Piute Chieftain1916-04-202Leaps from Window to Deathdeath
4 Piute Chieftain1916-04-204Souvenir Grenade Killed Boydeath
5 Piute Chieftain1916-05-042Benjamin Fay Mills Deaddeath
6 Piute Chieftain1916-05-042Idahoan Meets Sudden Deathdeath
7 Piute Chieftain1916-05-112Woman Jumps to Deathdeath
8 Piute Chieftain1916-05-112Four Persons Die in Firedeath
9 Piute Chieftain1916-06-292Found Dead in Cardeath
10 Piute Chieftain1916-08-171115 Killed in Powder Blastdeath
11 Piute Chieftain1916-08-171Worry Caused Deathdeath
12 Piute Chieftain1916-08-248W M. Hardy Falls to His Deathdeath
13 Piute Chieftain1916-09-282Steamship Magnate Diesdeath
14 Piute Chieftain1916-10-052Judge Anderson Dies in Denverdeath
15 Piute Chieftain1916-11-022Fairbank's Mother Deaddeath
16 Piute Chieftain1916-11-092Dies on Election Daydeath
17 Piute Chieftain1916-11-168Dieddeath
18 Piute Chieftain1916-11-302Jack London Passes Awaydeath
19 Piute Chieftain1916-12-072Seven Burned to Deathdeath
20 Piute Chieftain1916-12-072Standard Oil Head Deaddeath
21 Piute Chieftain1916-12-148Died Bravelydeath
22 Piute Chieftain1917-01-112Worry Caused Deathdeath
23 Piute Chieftain1917-01-182Two Burn to Deathdeath
24 Piute Chieftain1917-01-252Old Keynan Diesdeath
25 Piute Chieftain1917-02-153Unjustly Sent to Deathdeath
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