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1 Ogden Daily Standard1916-03-113Censorship is Being Enforcedarticle
2 Ogden Daily Standard1916-11-1010Legislature of Utah is Democratic Throughoutarticle
3 Ogden Daily Standard1917-01-085Utah Legislature Convenes in New Capital and Both Houses Are Organizedarticle
4 Ogden Daily Standard1917-02-137Prohibition Bill like a Cat with Nine Lives, is Again Back in the Housearticle
5 Ogden Daily Standard1917-02-147Liquor Measure Finally Disposed of by Adoption of a House Resolutionarticle
6 Ogden Daily Standard1918-02-0927State Officials Who Are Now Serving People of Utaharticle
7 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-026C. C. Richards Named for Legislaturearticle
8 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-1112Members of the Legislaturearticle
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